Leadership TRaining

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.
— John Maxwell

The leader is the single greatest impactor of organizational performance. My Leadership workshops and one-on-one coaching empower leaders to supercharge their bottom line by expanding their mindset and leadership skills. Together, we develop your leadership vision, identify gaps, create a growth plan, and work towards its actualization. Your growth will lead to happier, more productive, employees and greater profit.  



  •  Leaders often get the least feedback and support, while needing it the most. Grounded in organizational psychology, my leadership training and coaching helps leaders target key growth areas and provides a safe environment in which you can grow.

  • I offer targeted group workshops (2 hrs- 3 days) and ongoing one-on-one coaching (6 weeks- 6 months) to help leaders identify the gaps between where they are and where they want to be, and to teach them the necessary skills to get there. Through video-feedback, role-plays, reflection, observation, 360-feedback processes, and dialogue I help you drive your own learning to create lasting change.

  • I believe that leadership development should help you grow as a human being. My approach will help you increase your self-awareness, communication, and connection with others. Our work together will enrich your personal and professional life enhancing all your relationships and interactions. 


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