Talks and workshops

Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century.
— Carmine Gallo

My talks integrate years of working with teams and the latest research in organizational psychology and leadership studies to teach the ideas and practices that will help your business leap forward. Through case studies, discussions, and interactive activities I inspire audiences to broaden their thinking and skillset. The best leaders are always learning and expanding your understanding will lead to tangible improvements in your leadership and business.



  • Manager entrepreneur: bridging the gap between starting a business and managing a team
  • Strategic learning: unlocking opportunity through challenging assumptions
  • Hacking change: managing the messy process of organizational transformation
  • Leveraging difference: turning personality differences into an asset
  • Direct discourse: mastering how to have the difficult conversations that really matter
  • Start right: learn how to build a strong team
  • Meeting magic: learn the tools to running effective meetings that get things done and save time.
  • Managing Millennials: enable, empower, envision. New rules for a new game.
  • Organizations 2.0: Towards the self-managing organization

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